Christmas Presence 12: Presence Keeps Us Clear

On the twelfth day of Christmas Alexis said to me,

Presence Keeps Us Clear!

Let the river flow,

Take time for yourself,

Happy Christmas Presence,

It’s not personal,

Dare to be different,

We are presences,

All is well!

There is nought to do,

Let your light shine,

All we see is thought,

And we are innately happy!

In this video, I say a big THANK YOU to the people who have read, shared, commented, and participated in this Christmas Presence Series with me. I also talk about why presence is so darn practical for pregnant women, mums, and well, everyone else.

Now that January has arrived and the 2016 has begun, we are resuming old routines, perhaps beginning some new ones. Every moment is a brand new step, a fresh opportunity to have new experiences. That is true on January 1st, 6th, and whenever, wherever you are!

What I hear around me a lot, and catch myself doing is the Christmas Debrief. That is, you bump into someone and say ‘How was your Christmas and New Year?’

This is when we tell our stories to one another and I don’t know about you, but there is this strange pressure to come out with ‘Well, you know it was……..’ and to choose one adjective under which to judge December.

Rarely is that adjective wonderful, or fantastic, or terrible, boring, hilarious, or fun, incredible, awful. Mostly, it is ‘It was OK’.

For me, I am saying ‘It was surfing’. Some of the waves were bigger than others. Some were more fun than others. It was up, it was down, it was all kinds of in between. It was, and now it isn’t. Ain’t that funny?!

It WAS OK. There were all kinds of experiences in the way that you have moments where you get a whiff of greetings card Yuletide magic, and others with burnt, stodgy Yorkshire pud, and little person meltdowns, because the line between marvellous and awful for a toddler can be quite narrow. The festive season is many things and there was no time when we were not really OK, no matter what was showing up for us.

The wonderful thing about being present to whatever was happening is that better decisions were made, and we were able to bring what we needed to each moment.

For instance, I decided to not drink wine with Christmas lunch this year, so that we could all drive to the park after. A spur of the moment decision on seeing how the children were bouncing off the walls, which was a really good move. Not least because we got to see our daughter quiver with pleasure at discovering there was a bike in the back of the car for her (we are raising observant children!).

When our son was distraught, and by that I mean, kicking, screaming, grieving, that present giving was over, then we were able to be more compassionate towards him, and just be with him, until his own innate happiness kicked in. He sat up, went ‘I’m going to play with my digger’, and his thinking moved on. Voila! Innate health in action.

I loved seeing my daughter in her very first school play, my boy’s pride at the nativity scene he drew, and watching my youngest romp around in a purple sequin fedora. I loved the snatched moments with my husband, in between the general chaos of festivity, guests, and whatnot.

I loved that we were all there for one another, us and the wider family, not because we were a cardboard cutout of togetherness and cheer all the time, but because we showed up for one another and did our best. I loved that we got together and did this weird human stuff we do, like rituals and celebration, and eating biscuits shaped like reindeer.

We laughed, we shared, we worked, we played, we got on each others’ nerves, we watched some movies, we listened to carols, and the children now think that the chorus to Ding Dong Merrily On High goes ‘Gloooooooooooooria, Santa in the trousers!’.

So, once again, Thanks for being here with me over Christmas.

I have linked to all the prior posts and videos above, so you can check out any intriguing topics you missed!

If there is a topic you would like to hear more about, then send me a message on The Mamajestic Page, or comment below.

I would be so pleased if you could share what is interesting and important to you. It is always great to hear from you.

As ever, the Mamajestic Facebook Group welcomes new members in 2016!

Lots of love and true compliments of the season,

Alexis xxx




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