Christmas Presence 7: Dare To Be Different!


On the seventh day of Christmas, Alexis said to me….

Dare to be different!

We are presences,

All is well,

There is nought to do,

Let your light shine,

All we see is thought,

and we are innately happy!

I thought about re-recording this video, because I looked at it and thought, now that is an unflattering angle, I sound out of breath, and it is not how I like to appear in ideal circumstances! Then I decided it was perfect for this post, this message, and this day. Imperfections are allowable, natural, and a healthy part of life. By being truly present with what is, including our imperfections and mistakes, then we can use our substantial human gifts to express what is in our hearts. In doing this, we can let our lights shine that bit brighter.

Keeping it short and sweet today:)

Here is a lovely video from Brene Brown on Why Your Critics Aren’t The Ones That Count.

How do you choose to express your heart this Christmas?

What imperfections can you allow to be in your life, in your self?

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Lots of love,




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