Christmas Presence 5: All is Well!


On the fifth day of Christmas Alexis said to me…

All is well!

There is nought to do,

let your light shine,

all we see is thought,

and we are innately happy!

Throughout the series so far, I have focussed on how presence takes us towards our innate happiness, how it grounds us and gives us a sense of mental clarity. In the first video in the series, I talked about how we have incredible innate gifts which are handed to us by evolution, like innate happiness and common sense. In the subsequent videos, I talked about how we create our experiences through thought, and how our awareness of our natural happiness and mental health comes and goes. I talked about the role of techniques in becoming more present, and thus, more in touch with your innate happiness. 

In this video, I want to go a step further and talk about innate wellbeing is always present, regardless of circumstances, and whether we can feel it in the moment. Life doesn’t always look how we think it ‘should’, and perhaps this Christmas you are struggling with difficult circumstances, or a niggling sense that everything is OK in a basic way, but still feels very thorny and problematic. Here, I want to talk about  large and small heartaches, and moving beyond them.   

I know that there have been certain times in my life when, if someone had said, you know it is all OK, I would have sought something that I could staple their head to, or some such. I also know that the world is full of difficult circumstances and hardship, which I can not begin to imagine, like the reality faced every day by Syrian refugees, who have lost so much, or the families and friends grieving for loved ones killed in the Paris attacks.

What I can see though, is that human beings possess such incredible resilience, and some experience their wellbeing more than others, regardless of where they are or what is happening. From any disaster or tragedy come stories of bravery, compassion, heroism, and most of all, love. To me, this is evidence of innate wellbeing, shining through. These people are not extraordinary in that they have a different psychological make up to anyone else. They are extraordinary in the way they sense how to use the natural, ordinary, mental apparatus which we all possess.

By understanding the nature of our innate wellbeing, we are more able to see it, feel it, and respond to our lives from it.

In the video I talked about the big and small things in life that we suffer over, so I have two links for you today, one for each kind of event… 

I want to share this beautiful story of hope, written by Tammy Furey, about her experience of losing her baby son.  

I also want to share this parenting story, where George Halfin watches and offers loving compassion to her son, as he navigates one of life’s bumpy moments.

Can you sense your innate health? How has it shown up in your life? In your family’s lives?

What are you going through right now? Would you like to talk about it?

Come join the Mamajestic Facebook Group and get supported by our gorgeous bunch of mums, with a huge range of experience between them 🙂

As always…lots and lots of love,

Alexis xxx




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