Christmas Presence 3: Let Your Light Shine!

On the third day of Christmas Alexis said to me…

Let your light shine!

All we see is thought,

and we are innately happy.

In the third video in the Christmas Presence Series, I am talking about Consciousness, what it is, and how it relates to our presence in the moment.

Like our ability to think, our common sense, and our innate happiness, our ability to be conscious of ourselves within our experiences is part of our default make-up as human beings.

Consciousness is awareness. It relates to presence because, the extent we are aware of our innate happiness depends on what is within our consciousness at a given moment.

Watch the video to hear more…

If you have already put up your Christmas decorations, then very possibly you have been through the ritual testing of the Christmas Tree lights. Those itty bitty bulbs are just not built to last, are they! Once they are set up, they are so pretty (assuming they not stopped working the moment they were mounted on branches).

We have this whole affair to do this weekend, and the children may combust with anticipation if we do not get our festive asses in gear, pronto.

If our thoughts are like Christmas ornaments, dangling on the tree of natural intelligence, in the living room of reality, then our consciousness is a bit like Christmas lights:

Sometimes it glows only dimly or flashes in a frenetic way, so that the tree, and its decor, is barely illuminated. We can screw up our eyes in the gloom trying to make out what’s what. We can only see so much. It is in these moments when we are least aware of our innate happiness and mental health.

Other times, it glows bright and we can see the tree, the decorations, and garlands stretching off around the room, star shining atop and all. We recognise that these are but paper, glass, and foil confections, but damn it, it’s lovely to behold, so who cares. It is in these moments that we are most aware of our innate happiness and mental health.

The brightness of the lights is akin to our level of consciousness at a given moment. When we are experiencing a bright moment of high consciousness, then we have an awareness of the big picture in life, and a clear perspective with which to focus on what is real, true, and good. When we are in a dim moment of low consciousness, then we get blinker vision, tend to become caught in our heads, and struggle with what is real, true, or even a bit good.

Like those nifty Christmas lights, there are lots of settings in between dim glow and bright luminescence, and our consciousness is set to move up and down between them all the time. It is normal for your level of consciousness to go up and down, yet the higher you go, the higher you can come back to.

The best clue as to what your consciousness is up to at the moment is how you are feeling. If you feel exhausted, drained, and annoyed, or hopeless, or angry, distrustful, and scared, you can bet it is low.

If you feel compassionate, trustful, grateful, happy, contented, and at peace, you can bet it is high.

Of course, there are all the sensations in between too.

Feelings are your guide and will show you if your consciousness is alighting on thoughts which are going to point you towards your innate happiness and health or not.

If you are feeling bad, and recognise that you are in a low state of consciousness, then this is not a call to action, but a call to inaction. Best do as little as possible. With space to do so our consciousness rises on its own. If at all possible, do nothing for a while and see what happens.

Just let that light shine.

Here are some links to explore relating to Consciousness:

This is a fantastic round up of thought provoking research about consciousness by New Scientist,

This is a Guardian article about how David Chalmers redefined the field of Consciousness Research, 

And here is David Chalmers’ fascinating TED talk (because I cannot do a blog post that does not link to TED it seems!)


I would love to hear your thoughts on Christmas Presence.

What do you find the greatest challenge to being present? When do you notice that you are most in the moment?

Come chat to me in the Mamajestic facebook group, or by commenting.

Lots of love,




8 thoughts on “Christmas Presence 3: Let Your Light Shine!

  1. Thankyou so much Alexis , I forgot ,completely forgot the simplicity of it all ,
    your mood is either high or low and will return to its natural state if you leave it alone .
    You have saved my week Bless you Michele

    Liked by 1 person

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