Christmas Presence 2: All We See Is Thought

On the second day of Christmas, Alexis said to me…

All we see is thought!

and ‘We are innately happy!’

This is the second video in the Christmas Presence series, building on the first one about our innate happiness. In video 2, I am talking about our thoughts, and how it is through thought that we experience all things, including Christmas Presence of course!

The power of thought is not just a key element in human experience, it creates human experience. Our ability to be present is dependent on how we happen to be using the gift of thought at any given moment.

Those shiny Christmas baubles that we use to decorate our trees reflect the place in which they are situated, yet the image is always distorted by the curve of the sphere. In the same way, our perceptions reflect reality, but also alter its shape, so that our ideas of people, places, events, objects, are not true representations of the things themselves. As George Pransky puts it, they form a ‘real mirage’: an illusion projected onto everything we come into contact with out there in the world.

Our thoughts are like an infinite supply of Christmas ornaments, which are arranged on the Christmas Tree of Reality (i.e our perception of what is real at any given time)! Whatever ornaments end up on the tree, this is the way we see the world in a given instant. The arrangement is always changing and we are always in a process of discarding old baubles and putting up new ones.

We do not get to choose what is available to us in our box, but the more we are aware of how we decorate reality, the easier it is to add the ornaments that please us, and move along the ones that don’t. The ones we don’t like may not disappear, but we can move the back of the tree, or put them where we know the cat can bat them off. At the end of the day, they are all just shiny, reflective objects anyway, not something to get worked up over.

We cannot experience anything, except through our thoughts. However, in recognising and becoming aware of our thinking, we can see whether we are using the gift of thought to our best advantage or not.

If thoughts are like baubles that each contain a reflection of reality, they work best when spaced in an even manner. When too many baubles get hung on our tree, it eventually topples over. Therefore, it is best to be aware when we are piling them on too thick and fast, and give ourselves a chance to slow down. Sooner or later, we usually do slow down again (eventually!), because we are designed to return to an optimum speed. We can assist in the process by not taking too many baubles out of our box at once.

After all, we have an infinite selection of ornaments from which to decorate each moment of our lives. There is no rush. They will not run out.

Here are some links related to thought….

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