Christmas Presence 1: We Are Innately Happy

On the first day of Christmas, Alexis said to me….

We are innately happy!

Here is the first video in the Christmas Presence Series, in which I am talking about the possibility of innate happiness, and its relationship to presence.

As with all nature’s creations, evolution has endowed us with some pretty snazzy gifts. For humans, this includes common sense, innate physical and mental health, and a natural state of happiness. Though we cannot always sense it (and we will be exploring why this may be the case in later videos), happiness is a default setting, which we return to most readily via presence in the moment.

On the subject of innate happiness and presence, here are some links to check out….

This is a wonderful post related to becoming present, being in the moment, and experiencing happiness, which shares exercises taught by the Buddhist meditation master, Thich Naht Hanh.

If you are TED fan, I urge you to watch these talks (if you haven’t already!):

Matt Killingsworth, Want to be Happier? Stay in the Moment;

Dan Gilbert, The Surprising Science of Happiness;

Matthieu Ricard, The Habits of Happiness.

The Pursuit Of Happiness is an amazing site, where you can read about the fascinating History of Happiness, and the Science of Happiness, with a review of key literature related to Mindfulness.

Hope you enjoy considering your happiness and presence! Come find out what the second video of Christmas brings very soon:)

I would love you to hear your thoughts via comments or Facebook group chat.

Go ahead and share this. Spread the Christmas Presence!

Lots of love,

Alexis xxx




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