Mamajestic Is Embracing Video And All That Jazz

Hey Mamas,

I have been somewhat absent of late. However, I so pleased to say that Project Happy Milk/ Projecto Aleitamento Feliz is off to a wonderful start. I have met a bunch of lovely mums and had such a great time talking through their breastfeeding experiences. It really brings home the ingenuity of families, how much children are loved, the deep commitment parents feel to their beloveds’ wellbeing, and what curve balls nature throws at us from time to time!

For local mothers, I am doing a drop-in breastfeeding support session every other Thursday at 6pm at Di.fusao in Santa Clara, which is a great addition to support for pregnant women and mums in the community. Come join in at ‘Amamentacão Sem Duvidas’.

I am delighted to be giving more workshops at Bem-Me-Quero in Coimbra, and to be starting an all new group for Mamãs e Bebês! The group will meet at 11.30am on Mondays. Workshops will run every other week on Thursdays at 11am. I love being part of the BmQ flow, and encourage anyone with yogic tendencies to check it out:)

I have been experimenting with making videos by taking part in Michelle Holmes’ 30 Day Visibility Challenge. I have so many ideas I want to share this way and the beauty of video is that it is fitting into family life with a little more grace than trying to write long, considered analyses of research and the other literature I love to pore over. I have been reading some fascinating new books and articles.

So let the fun begin! I will continue to post more in depth stuff when I can, AND I am also really excited to try out this new format.

Do share your thoughts right here in the comments, or in the Mamajestic Facebook Group. I love it when you chat with me:)

If you know any breastfeeding mums who would like a spot of support online or offline, direct them to the blog or they can contact me at

Lots of love,

Alexis xxxxx



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