What Pregnancy, Birth, And Motherhood Could Be Like

I have this vision of a woman.

She discovers she is pregnant. Whether it is a surprise or a plan, she knows that she has everything she needs to find her way through the transitions of the childbearing journey: from not pregnant to pregnant; from pregnant to birthing; from birthing to mothering; from mothering a newborn to caring for an older baby; from caring for a baby to caring for a child. She feels safe, capable, and confident. She is at peace with herself and her surroundings.

There are many stages that she will traverse on this journey, and though they do not all have a specific name, she sees and feels them. Every so often, her baby grows into a new phase, and her experience of mothering shifts to a new place. The woman rings the changes in her own life that occur as a result of these transitions, and creates her own understanding of her unique experience. She maps out and names the locations on her path, the way that seems right to her, in light of each moment she lives in.

Though sometimes it is tempting to look at collective understandings of pregnancy, birth, and motherhood that emphasise problems and fears, she sees that these are stories about reality, not reality itself. She faces challenges and draws on the strength that she knows is always within her, no matter what.

She is not alone on her travels. Along the way there are many people and services that are ready to receive her, to encourage her, to help her along. She is able to survey her options, reflect on the available information, and make sound choices for her pregnancy, birth, and family life. She arranges practicalities as necessary, and does not fear the future.

She and her child are working in harmony, playing out a duet, as they travel  down the road of life. By including and welcoming others into their music, a family is born. Their song becomes a trio, a quartet, a chorus. It evolves beyond all imagining. They move onward together.

She is human. She is not immune to the ups and downs of life. There are moments when she feels lost, angry, scared, or sad. When her merry band of musicians makes nothing but painful howls. When this happens, she knows that she does not need to fix herself, or her world. She only has to wait for the path to reappear, the melody to reassert itself.

She knows she is light. She knows she is love. Her path is one of peace. The way is clear and utterly hers to make. Even when she cannot see these truths, does not feel them, they are always waiting within her to be realised.

When she looks back on her experiences, she sees how her transformation has unfolded. She trusts that each moment brings with it the promise of a brand new universe for her to step into.

I invite you to share with me this vision. This reality of pregnancy, birth, and mothering. I invite you to live it with me.

Who’s up for it?

If this speaks to you, and you want to share ideas, work with me, or just say ‘Hi’, I have created a Mamajestic Facebook Group. Come on over for a chat any time.

If Facebook groups are not your thing, you can also leave a comment or connect with me using the Facebook, twitter, or pinterest buttons to the top left of this page. Alternatively, email me at mamajestic1@gmail.com.

As ever yours,

Alexis xxx



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